All in the Mind: Ways for Seniors to Boost Brain Power

Learning new skills is crucial to healthy human development. In the case of some cognitive skills, “you lose them if you don’t use them.” However, as you age, it can be harder to keep learning new information and skills — and combined with the increased risk of cognitive decline that comes with age, sometimes it can be more difficult than ever to start hobbies, projects, or challenges. Keeping your brain cells engaged is good for you, but where should you even start?

Research by organizations such as Harvard Medical School, Harvard Health Publishing, and BioMed Central has consistently shown that older adults can benefit from specific kinds of brain-stimulating activities. And many of these activities are low-stress, involve increasing social interaction, and are just plain fun! Keep reading to find out how you can boost your cognitive function, improve your memory, or help a loved one stay sharp.


Trivia games are a fun way to test and improve your memory. Because trivia is so expansive, you can specifically choose topics that interest you — or stretch your knowledge with totally unknown facts and figures. Trivia can also be interactive and social, which also boosts mental functions. We offer trivia events throughout our communities for senior living in Newtown, PA, and we often find the turnout to be high! 

Word Games

Crosswords, word scrambles, and other word puzzles are available in a huge variety of formats, from apps on digital devices to pages in the newspaper. There are also large-print word puzzles available for different visual abilities. Word games can also be a great choice for a brain-stimulating activity because they can be scaled to difficulty. 

Memory and Brain Games

Memory loss is an issue many seniors struggle with as they get older. Therefore, it makes sense that some of these activities to strengthen your brain would be focused on improving memory. There are a huge variety of memory and brain games involving things like matching cards, recalling shapes, and listing off story details, among others.  

Jigsaw Puzzles

Many people forget about the joy of jigsaw puzzles. A jigsaw puzzle can be a fun and stimulating activity, whether done by yourself or in a group, and some competitive puzzle-solvers even frame their 1000+-piece masterpieces!

Board Games

Whether or not someone you know plays chess or another board game, getting involved in learning a new game can be exciting! Chess especially is known to help make your brain make important neural connections, and the planning and thinking ahead elements involved in chess can help strengthen reason and logic memory skills as well. 


Daily exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, and make you happier — you probably already know all that. But did you know that exercise is also healthy for your brain? Exercise helps blood flow to the brain, and the endorphins released during exercise strengthen neural connections. You’ll see a big difference by adding more physical activities into your daily life, whether you’re taking a simple walk with a canine companion or trying a senior yoga class.

Read (or Listen)

A great story can take you away from the troubles of daily life, so reading or listening to a book is never a bad idea. And building connections from reading helps boost your brainpower, too. Even if you’ve never been interested in books, check out a new genre or consider audiobooks. You might find something that surprises you!

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