Volunteer at Pickering Manor

Do you want to make a difference in your community? Do you have a special skill or talent to share?

We are always looking for volunteers of any age, to help us bring joy and improve the lives of Pickering Manor’s residents. Some volunteers do arts and crafts, many share their musical talents! Volunteers also enjoy listening to the stories our residents share about their lives. Pet therapy volunteers are very popular amongst our residents and we are always looking for more animals to spend time with us. We have many dance groups come to perform and entertain our residents too. The volunteer opportunities are endless!

Volunteering at Pickering Manor not only puts a smile on a resident’s face, but volunteering gives you the opportunity to network, develop new skills, make new friends and have a chance to give back. Becoming a volunteer can not only enrich a residents’ life, but enrich yours as well.

Please call our Volunteer Coordinator, Kelly Moyer at 215-968-3878 Ext. 1127 or email her at kmoyer@pickeringmanor.org if you would like to become a volunteer.

It is important to us that our volunteers become involved in an activity that fits their interests. Start making a difference, review and complete our volunteer application. Even just a few hours can make a big difference!

resident giving a flower to young child

Volunteer Application