Frequently Asked Questions

The appropriate level of care is determined based upon the resident’s level of function. Our Independent Living residents are expected to be totally independent in homemaking, housekeeping, and personal care. Many of our residents living in our Cottages and Apartments continue to drive their own automobiles. There is no provision of services to these residents unless contracted by outside resources.

Our Personal Care neighborhood is for residents who only require minimum to moderate help with activities of daily living (dressing, bathing, toileting, etc.). It is expected that these residents are mobile enough to exit the building unassisted in the event of an emergency.

Our Skilled Nursing residents are comprised of a blended population of long-term care nursing residents and short-term rehabilitation residents.

An Admissions professional will assist you in assessing the appropriate level of care to safely meet the needs of your family member.

There is always something happening at Pickering Manor, including numerous and varied activities tailored to meet our residents’ physical and psycho-social needs. These activities incorporate range of motion exercise as well as word games, card games, and board games. We also provide religious activities to meet their spiritual needs and offer inter-generational programming and pet therapy. We welcome volunteers to assist our activity professionals in entertaining our residents.

Our Rehabilitation Services: Physical, occupational, and speech therapy are available to our Skilled Nursing and Personal Care residents. In most cases, the resident’s insurance covers the cost of these services.

Our short-term rehab beds are Medicare-certified. If your family member meets the Medicare criteria for a skilled benefit stay in our Rehabiliation Neighborhood, Medicare will cover the cost of room and board, therapies, and prescriptions during that benefit period. Our Admissions and Business Office staff are happy to provide you with this information, based upon your family member’s insurance carrier.

We offer visitors the opportunity to visit whenever their schedule allows. We appreciate the busy schedules of the friends and families who visit our residents; therefore, there are no restrictions on visiting. We do recommend, however, that families and friends visit after 8:00am and before 8:00pm since most of our residents are sleeping otherwise.  Subject to change based on current COVID-19 guidelines.


We do offer Hospice services to those residents who meet the necessary criteria. The residents can remain in their own rooms and the Hospice staff supplements the care already provided by Pickering Manor. Hospice services are covered by Medicare and the referrals are made to the Hospice organization by our staff. In this way, we can continue to care for our residents and families during this important time of their lives.



You can take your family member out of the facility for brief periods of time. We emphasize that we are a complement to your family system and that we will make every effort to keep our residents connected to their families and their community – based on current COVID-19 guidelines.

If your family member is in Skilled Nursing, their physicians and certain other specialists will come to Pickering Manor and attend to them. If your family member is in the Personal Care area, they can choose to go out to their own physicians or they can be seen by one of the attending physicians who visit our facility.


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